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Brief description of organization

UniArte is an independent non-profit Foundation that provides a platform for artists, curators and cultural agents involved in research, experimentation, production and dissemination of contemporary artistic practices from and about the Caribbean. UniArte wants to inspire and be inspired. We are the first incubator space in curacao, a common space to gather together and learn and develop the contemporary art field for both the art field and the general public. We work on different lines of action that intersect and complement each other, to provide spaces for meetings and conversations about art practices, in dialogue with social and political realities of the island and region. We strive for a dialogue between local and international professionals and projects that share ideas and are skills related to art production.


The foundation focuses primarily on supporting the so-called emerging artists, while at the same time creating a platform where emerging artists, mid-career and established artists can meet and connect with each other. In addition to the artists themselves, this also has advantages for the overall artistic development in Curacao and the position of art from Curacao in the international art world. Through its network of artists and projects, UniArte creates awareness about Caribbean history and culture, social and political issues. The foundation also brings new and often under-represented but relevant art forms and movements to the attention of the community. In this way UniArte also promotes an introduction and interpretation to what contemporary art is for the general public in order to promote discourse in the community in Curacao. The critical reflection that will be generated from this discourse is also necessary for the emerging artists for the development of speaking about their work and their growth as an artist in general. UniArte mission is thus to provide a structural contribution to the visibility, development, growth and existence of emerging professional artists to increase public involvement in contemporary art through exhibitions, lectures and other art & culture related projects and programming.


Brief description of residency program

The Uniarte residency in Willemstad, Curacao, is open to visual artists, curators, performance artists, cultural agents, critical art writers and researchers. It gives the resident the opportunity to work on their individual practice or work on a collaborative project with local artists and/or community members.

This residency invites the resident to develop and work on a specific research question that will enhance their individual practice, it is preferred but not obliged to work on topics relating to the (Dutch) Caribbean context or encouraging new experience to its context. With this residency the resident will be asked to have moments of contact with the art scene and the general public by either presenting their work to the local audience, engage in discussions and critic sessions with local artists and visitors, have a tangible outcome like workshop, lecture sessions or exhibition. This will be evaluated each time. Resident will benefit from the local insights of active studio members of UniArte and through studio visits and location or events across the island depending on interest.

Organization founded in


Residency program since



Visual Art

  • Film & New Media
  • Photography
  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Installation art, sculpture
  • Performance art


Critical art writers


Type of organization

Artist Run


Urban, City center

Number of studios


Type of studios

Live-work space

Max number of artist residents at one time

1 (artist partners allowed on a case to case basis)


Expenses paid by artist

  • Travel expenses
  • Visa requirements (Curacao is the Dutch Kingdom)
  • Material expenses
  • Living expenses


The organization will provide

  • Work and living space (includes kitchen and bathroom)  
  • Exhibition space
  • Marketing for presentations & events: we will send out a press release, have an announcement on our website, announcement on our social media platforms, announcements via our newsletters to our database & Network.
  • Sharing our network so you can meet with the local & international network of dynamic local artists and other creative colleagues.
  • We will provide an acceptance letter that can be used if you want to apply for possible travel grants and/or sponsoring in your home country.
  • Expectations of the resident
  • Introduction Artist Talk after arrival: Give a short presentation as an introduction to the audience who is curious about your work and what you plan to do on the island and meet and greet with the local art scene.
  • Several contact moments with the local art field that could be in the form meeting local artists (studio visits to talk about each other’s work or portfolio meetings), workshop, class, lecture, creation of new work, visit openings, etc..
  • Presentation at the end of your residency it being a talk in which you talk about your experience on Curacao or presenting work that you made. Completion of
  • our artist online questionnaire for the online blog 


Collaborating with local artists and/or invite local community to participate.

Working language(s)

  • Papiamentu
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Dutch

Other activities happening at the space

  • Artist Studio
  • Workshops
  • Presentations & informal gatherings with artists and community
  • Exhibitions
  • Film screenings 

Facilities available

  • Wi-Fi
  • Projector
  • Small pa-installation and microphones
  • Tables and chairs
  • Printer & Scanner
  • Exhibition
  • Film screen space (outside and indoors)


How to reach UniArte

The most common mode of arrival to the island of Curacao is by plane. Residents will arrive at Hato Airport and will be picked up at arrival. Due to the centrality of the location, one can use public transportation by bus and/or rent a bike to move around the island.

Duration of residency

Up to +/- 1 month


UniArte accepts applications for its Residency all year round, and will process the applications twice a year one in June and one in December. Application can be submitted via email or form on the UniArte website.

Application guidelines (To be considered, interested artists must submit)

  • A proposal
  • An up-to-date résumé/CV
  • A numbered portfolio of 5-10 images/writing samples (or 2-3 short videos as the case may be) of recent work
  • As part of the application process, a Skype interview is required

NOTE: Incomplete applications will not be considered